Margaritaville Cozumel, Mexico

Considering Cozumel is a major cruise destination I was surprised to find that Margaritaville was a distance from the terminal. I would say 2-2.5 miles so a taxi is likely your best bet. This location is fairly spacious and as you walk in you are met with a large interior bar and lots of interior seating. We immediately ventured for the outside deck which had a band playing, was located on the water and had a cool bar with swings as chairs. However despite the fact that it was a cool location the energy wasn't there. I felt like i was at Ruby Tuesday's, not Margaritaville.

Furthermore, you can write on a dollar bill and attach it to the bar but when we asked for a staple gun they looked at us as if we were crazy - How else am I going to attach the dollar bill? If you're heading to this location for food or a chill experience then you have my support, but if you want to party your ass off head two blocks north to Carlos N' Charlies which combines with Senior Frogs. We highly recommend the yard drinks! (See our Cozumel Review)

cozumel bar with swings
cozumel bar with swings
cozumel backside
cozumel outside deck
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